The detailed mass transfer distributions around the sharp 180 deg turns in a two-pass, square, smooth channel and in an identical channel with two rib-roughened opposite walls were determined via the napthalene sublimation technique. The top, bottom, inner (divider), and outer walls of the test channel were napthalene-coated surfaces. For the ribbed channel tests, square, transverse, brass ribs were attached to the top and bottom walls of the channel in alignment. The rib height-to-hydraulic diameter ratios (e/D) were 0.063 and 0.094; the rib pitch-to-height ratios (P/e) were 10 and 20. Experiments were conducted for three Reynolds numbers of 15,000, 30,000, and 60,000. Results show that the Sherwood numbers on the top, outer, and inner walls around the turn in the rib-roughened channel are higher than the corresponding Sherwood numbers around the turn in the smooth channel. For both the smooth and the ribbed channels, the Sherwood numbers after the sharp turn are higher than those before the turn. The regional averages of the local Sherwood numbers are correlated and compared with published heat transfer data.

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