An experimental study of the fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena associated with opposing mixed turbulent convection in vertical ducts has been conducted. The duct considered had vertical and horizontal aspect ratios of 24.4 and 9.7, respectively. The working fluid was Freon-113, providing a Prandtl number of approximately 6.5. The results showed that a number of flow bifurcations occurred as GrDh/ReDh2 was increased. The first bifurcation observed was from parallel turbulent mean flow to a large single flow cell in the x−z plane. This occurred in the neighborhood of GrDh/ReDh2 = 2. Further bifurcations to multiple cells and eventually pure large-scale chaos were also observed. A correlation for the enhanced heat transfer was found to be NuDh/NuDh,0 = 1.0 + 0.9[ln(GrDh/ReDh2 + 1)]1.39, where NuDh,0 is the Petukhov–Virillov correlation for pure forced turbulent convection.

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