Heat transfer and friction factors were experimentally determined in a scale model of high-voltage, pipe-type underground transmission systems for Reynolds numbers to 8000. Dielectric insulating oil (Sun No. 4) with a Prandtl number of 120 was utilized for the coolant. Two ratios of cable to enclosure pipe diameters, corresponding to standard and oversize enclosure pipes, were examined for the three-cable system. Helical wire wrap was included to simulate protective skid wires around the cables. Three configurations of cable positioning were considered—open triangular, close triangular, and cradled. A method of generalizing the heat transfer coefficients was developed and tested for rough pipe cables based on extensions of previous work in the literature. The generalized correlation, without correction factors, was found to be applicable only in two cases with appropriate flow pattens and geometries. Heat transfer to the pipe wall could be correlated by standard methods in the high Reynolds number range.

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