The effects of free-stream velocity, angle of attack, and aspect ratio on the output of a free-standing circular disk heat flux gage subjected to a combined radiative and convective heat flux are reported. The Reynolds number range investigated extends from 6000 to 25,000, while the gage angle of attack was varied from 0 to 90 deg. Results for three gage aspect ratios, 5.85, 8.77, and 11.76, are presented. The Nusselt number is used to represent the effects of convection on the gage output. The Nusselt number was found to increase with increasing Reynolds number and angles of attack. At an angle of attack of about 90 deg, however, a significant reduction in the Nusselt number was noted. A correlation relating the Nusselt number (based on the disk diameter) to the Reynolds number (based on the gage outside diameter) and the angle of attack is reported. This correlation represents the data to within ±5 percent.

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