Measurements were made of the axial and circumferential distributions of the heat transfer coefficient in a tube in which the entering airflow is highly skewed. The skewness was caused by competition between the test section tube and a parallel tube which draws air from the same plenum chamber. For each of several fixed Reynolds numbers in the test section tube, the flow imbalance between the competing tubes was varied parametrically (up to a factor of eighteen), as was the center-to-center separation distance between the tubes (separation = 1.5, 3, and 4.5 times the tube diameter). Measurements were also made of the pressure drop, and a visualization technique was employed to examine the pattern of fluid flow. Practically significant effects of the flow imbalance on the axial distribution of the heat transfer coefficient were encountered only at the smallest of the investigated intertube spacings. Even for that case, the effects were moderate; for example, the imbalance-related changes for an imbalance ratio of two did not exceed 7 percent. The experiments involved naphthalene sublimation, and a new technique was developed for coating the inside surface of a tube with naphthalene.

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