A study of steam condensation in countercurrent stratified flow of steam and subcooled water has been carried out in a rectangular channel inclined 33 deg to the horizontal. The variables in this experiment were the inlet water and steam flow rates, and the inlet water temperature. Condensation heat transfer coefficients were determined as functions of local steam and water flow rates, and the degree of subcooling. Correlations are given for the local Nusselt number for the smooth and for the rough interface regimes, and also for the dimensionless wave amplitude. A turbulence-centered model is also developed. It is shown that better agreement with the data can be obtained if the characteristic scales in the turbulent Nusselt number and Reynolds numbers are related to measured interfacial parameters rather than the bulk flow parameters. The important effect of interfacial shear, missing in previous eddy-transport models, is thus implicitly included.

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