The results of laboratory experiments with Freon 11 (R11) flowing in an electrically heated, serrated-fin test section to measure local boiling coefficients over a wide range of vapor quality, with mass fluxes up to 150 kg/m2 s, heat fluxes to 4 kW/m2, and pressure from 3–7 bar, are reported. These low mass and heat fluxes reflect the industrial process application of these heat exchangers where exceedingly small temperature differences may exist between streams. Results are compared with the very similar boiling characteristics previously reported elsewhere for the same test section, with liquid nitrogen as a test fluid under comparable flow conditions. A simple method using the Reynolds number of the total flow regarded as a liquid has been used to correlate boiling heat transfer coefficients with quality for both fluids. The use of a liquid-film flow model to produce a nondimensional correlation connecting the Nusselt, Reynolds, and Prandtl numbers of the film is discussed.

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