Experimental measurements are presented for free convective heat transfer across a parallelogrammic enclosure with the various tilt angles of parallel upper and lower walls insulated. The experiments covered a range of Rayleigh numbers between 3.4 × 104 and 8.6 × 107, and Prandtl numbers between 0.70 and 480. Those also covered the tilt angles of the parallel insulated walls with respect to the horizontal, φ, of 0, ±25, ±45, ±60, and ±70 deg under an aspect ratio of H/W = 1.44. The fluids used were air, transformer oil, and water. It was found that the heat transfer coefficients for φ = −70 deg were decreased to be about 1/18 times those for φ = 0 deg. Experimental results are given as plots of the Nusselt number versus the Rayleigh number. A correlation equation is given for the Nusselt number, Nu, as a function of φ, Pr, and Ra.

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