An experimental research program was conducted to determine the influence of free-stream turbulence on zero pressure gradient, fully turbulent boundary layer flow. Connective heat transfer coefficients and boundary layer mean velocity and temperature profile data were obtained for a constant free-stream velocity of 30 m/s and free-stream turbulence intensities ranging from approximately 1/4 to 7 percent. Free-stream multicomponent turbulence intensity, longitudinal integral scale, and spectral distributions were obtained for the full range of turbulence levels. The test results with 1/4 percent free-stream turbulence indicate that these data were in excellent agreement with classic two-dimensional, low free-stream turbulence, turbulent boundary layer correlations. For fully turbulent boundary layer flow, both the skin friction and heat transfer were found to be substantially increased (up to ∼ 20 percent) for the higher levels of free-stream turbulence. Detailed results of the experimental study are presented in the present paper (Part I). A comprehensive analysis is provided in a companion paper (Part II).

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