The effect of density inversion on steady natural convection heat transfer of cold water, between two horizontal concentric cylinders of gap width, L, is studied numerically. Water near its freezing point is characterized by a density maximum at 4°C. Numerical solutions are obtained for cylinders with nonlinear Rayleigh numbers RA ranging from 2 × 103 to 7.6 × 104, a radius ratio 1.75 ≤ ra ≤ 2.6 and an inversion parameter γ, relating the temperature for maximum density with the cavity wall temperatures, between −2 and 2. The results obtained are presented graphically in the form of streamline and isotherm contour plots. The heat transfer characteristics, velocity profiles, and local and overall Nusselt numbers are studied. The results of the present study were found qualitatively valid when compared with an experimental investigation carried out in the past.

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