When a fluid with a vertical solute gradient of (−dS/dy)0 is heated laterally, roll cells start to form at the boundary, developing into a series of convective layers. Numerical experiments were performed to investigate the onset of the abovementioned double-diffusive convection under the application of a uniform lateral heat flux. The paper reports the results and discussion of the following aspects of the stability of double-diffusive convection; (i) the relationship between the critical value, (Ra/Rs)c, above which convection cells form along the vertical wall and the nondimensional slot width, (d/L), (ii) the effect of the Lewis number on (Ra/Rs)c. It was also confirmed that values of (Ra/Rs)c as well as H/L (the nondimensional vertical size of incipient cells) obtained in this numerical experiment for wide slot widths (d/L>∼30), agreed well with those obtained previously by physical experiments.

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