The paper reports the results of a numerical solution for laminar fluid flow and heat transfer in the developed region of a tube rotating about a parallel axis. The results cover a wide range of Prandtl number and the eccentricity and Coriolis effects are included in the solution. By transforming the variables in the governing equations, it is shown that the Rayleigh and Reynolds numbers only occur as the product Ra Re, and at large Prandtl number an asymptotic solution is defined by the product Ra Re Pr and the eccentricity alone. The numerical solution of the full governing equations confirms this and indicates that for sufficiently large radius of rotation Nu = f(Ra Re Pr) is a good approximation over a wide range of Prandtl number. The Fanning friction factor is better described by Gr Re. The solution is compared with other analyses and experimental data for air, water, and glycerol.

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