Experiments were conducted on heat transfer from internally heated ZnSO4-H2O pools to curved surfaces. These experiments extended existing data for nonboiling pools to higher Rayleigh numbers. The data for convective downward heat transfer from nonboiling pools to a curved surface were reasonably close to the Mayinger correlation extrapolated to higher Rayleigh numbers and lower ratios of pool depth to radius of curvature. Sideward heat transfer to a surface could be described by Nu = 0.7 Ra0.2. Insulating the upper pool surface from the atmosphere had no effect on either sideward or downward heat transfer. An investigation was also made on effects of curvature on heat transfer from boiling pools. Nusselt numbers for sideward heat transfer were proportional to a boiling Reynolds number based on superficial vapor velocity to the 0.275 power and quite close to the correlation for a pool with flat vertical walls. Downward boiling heat transfer to a curved surface was proportional to the Reynolds number to the 0.1 power.

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