The two-phase flow correlations developed by Murdock, James, Marriott, and Smith and Leang are evaluated for the case of flow through sharp edge measuring orifices which physically meet ASME standards for flow measurement. The evaluation is based on two sets of consistent orifice flow data. The first data base consists of 34 test points for the flow of steam-water mixtures. The second data base consists of 81 data points for the flow of air-water, natural gas-water, natural gas-salt water, and natural gas-distillate mixtures. The root mean square fractional deviation of each correlation is used to determine its predictive reliability. Computed root mean square fraction deviations for steam-water flows are: James, ±0.081; Marriott, ±0.114; Murdock, ±0.141; Smith and Leang, ±0.218. For the case of gas-liquid flows, the values are: Murdock, ±0.074; James, ±0.178; Smith and Leang, ±0.183; Marriott, ±0.458.

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