The gas turbine units designed by the Neva Works named after V. I. Lenin (NZL) are intended for driving the gas trunkline compressors and electrical generators, and are also used in chemical and metallurgical industry for heat recovery. By July 1, 1969, 320 gas turbines manufactured by NZL had operated under load more than 4.5 million hr and produced over 20 million MWH. Two-shaft and single-shaft gas turbine units manufactured by the NZL are intended for open cycle operation with heat regeneration. The two-shaft arrangements are designed and built to operate with a free power turbine. The specifications for these gas turbine units are given in Table 1. The modern gas turbine units are equipped with control and protection systems which accomplish the automatic control of the unit at its starting and stopping as well as its operating duties. The hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric instruments and regulators are widely used in these systems. The indication and recording of main parameters of the unit are performed by a complete set of these instruments.

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