The paper gives details of the experimental and theoretical work of the author on the above-mentioned subject. The first part of the paper deals with the experimental investigations of plane rotating disks whose rotational symmetry is disturbed by notches of any shape such as U-type notches, splining, keyways, and eccentric holes. The method of the stroboscopic photoelastic procedure will be described in detail, as well as the various results shown in numerous diagrams and photographs taken of the test arrangements and fringe patterns of the models. The offered material will give detailed information on the improvements of the stroboscopic photoelastic method made by the author. The second part of the paper is concerned with the application of integral equations to the stress calculation in plane rotating disks without rotational symmetry. Based on the source-like representation of the plane state of stress by Weinel, the stress problem of rotating disks without rotational symmetry is solved. The solution of the integral equations of Fredholm’s type on digital computers is carried out according to a well-known method of Oellers. The results obtained for some examples, such as the determination of the tangential stresses in the rim of plane rotating disks with variously curved boundary, are shown in diagrams.

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