The results of an experimental investigation on the average surface heat transfer co-efficients under a perforated plate of multiple, square array, round impinging air jets are presented. Correlation of the heat transfer performance in a semi-enclosed environment is presented. The correlation includes the effects of the jet “spent air” flowing perpendicular to the jets; the effects of the jet diameter, jet spacing, and jet-to-surface distance. The data cover a range of jet diameter Reynolds number from 3 × 102 to 3 × 104, jet spacing from 3.1 to 12.5 dia, and plate-to-surface distance of 1.0 to 4.8 dia. The results are compared with previously reported investigations with reasonable agreement. Correlation is in the form NuD,x = φ1φ2ReDm(Zn/D)0.091Pr1/3 where φ1 and m are functions of the jet spacing parameter, Xn/D, and Reynolds number, and φ2 is the heat transfer coefficient degradation factor due to “spent air”. φ1, φ2 and m are presented in graphical form as a function of important dimensionless parameters.

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