This report is the second in a series of three describing the progress of “A Research Study on Internal Corrosion of High Pressure Boilers.” The first progress report, presented by H. A. Klein and J. K. Rice at the 1965 Annual Meeting of the ASME, describes the background, scope, and organization of the program as well as the test facility. This second progress report describes the results of the first half of the study. Results of tests with volatile, coordinated phosphate, and caustic boiler water treatment under conditions simulating a boiler with clean internal surfaces and one whose surfaces have been fouled with typical preboiler corrosion products, are included. Data relating to deposition and corrosion in the aforementioned environments are presented. The corrosion failure of a test tube due to “caustic gouging” and the discovery of an unusual effect of deposits on boiling characteristics are described.

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