This paper describes the problems implicit in obtaining information on movement, temperature, and strain from the reciprocating parts of internal-combustion engines, and considers the various methods of telemetering the information out and the types of transducer which are suitable for use both in conjunction with the telemetering methods to be used and with the environment encountered. The complementary telemetering systems, one using a VHF/FM radio link, which have been developed at the authors’ establishment, are described in detail and their operation in conjunction with transducers for the measurement of movement, temperature, and strain considered. A subminiature inductive transducer specially developed for the noncontact measurement of movements in the frequency range from d-c to 25 kc/s is described in some detail. Results so far obtained from the two systems, particularly in respect of lateral piston movement in the cylinder bore, are presented and the future program of work discussed.

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