This paper presents the results of an investigation conducted to develop more accurate equations for predicting the radial pressure distribution on enclosed rotating disks with or without blades and with radial outward or inward throughflow. Variables that affect pressure distribution, such as blade height, number of blades, axial blade top-to-housing clearance, flow rate, and rotor speed, were investigated. The results are applicable to the design for turbomachinery and, in particular, centrifugal pumps. The investigation was divided into two phases, the first of which used water as the test fluid and the second, liquid hydrogen. The results of the water tests were presented at the ASME Aviation and Space Conference, March, 1965. This paper presents the results of the tests conducted with liquid hydrogen. Empirical equations were derived from the test data relating the fluid angular velocity ratio to the significant variables by using a statistical regression-analysis method programmed for the IBM 7090. A comparison is made of the results obtained from the two fluids, water and liquid hydrogen.

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