This paper presents the results of a study conducted in two parts based on results of NASA and NACA single-stage turbine investigations. The first part was a survey of experimental turbine investigations that were conducted over a range of Reynolds numbers, and the second part was a study of turbine loss as related to geometry. In the first part of the study the turbines investigated covered a range of Reynolds numbers from 104 to 2 × 106, where Reynolds number is defined as the ratio of weight flow to the product of viscosity and rotor radius at the mean section of the blades. In this phase of the study an attempt was made to correlate a basic turbine loss parameter with Reynolds number with the result being that a correlation could not be made. One of these turbines, however, did show a large change in performance with Reynolds number. A second study of turbine loss as related to geometry was then made. For this part of the study, data from additional turbine investigations were used. As a result, the stator throat area seemed to correlate with the loss parameter for the majority of the turbines investigated. An expression was obtained that related the loss parameter with the stator throat area.

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