Recent developments in the small turbojet-engine field have again demonstrated the good specific-weight potential of the small engine. Naturally, this has generated interest in the use of these engines for applications of current interest. However, unfortunately, most current thrust requirements are so great that a relatively large number of the small engines would be needed. These large numbers are undesirable from an installation and control stand point. In an effort to obtain the good specific weight of the small engine, without the complexities of large numbers, the concept of a “multicylinder turbojet engine” (MU-CYL-JET) has been developed. This paper (a) outlines the reasoning from which the concept evolved, (b) describes the proposed engine configuration, and (c) estimates the gain in engine specific weight which might possibly be obtained. In addition, the operating characteristics of a multicylinder engine are compared briefly with a single-barrel engine of the same thrust rating. The results of an independent feasibility study of the MU-CYL-JET concept, conducted by an engine contractor, are presented briefly. This study concluded that the concept is completely feasible.

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