The Dry Low NOx (DLN) -2.6 combustion system has achieved emission rates of lower than 9 ppm NOx (dry, corrected to 15 percent O2) and CO from 50 to 100 percent load for the GE MS7001FA industrial gas turbine on natural gas. The system uses lean premixed combustion with fuel staging for low load stability. The first unit achieved commercial operation in March of 1996 with a firing temperature of 2350°F. As of September 9, 1999, it has accumulated over 11,800 hours of operation in peaking and base load service. Sixteen more units have since entered commercial service. Emissions data are shown for operation on natural gas. The DLN-2.6 system can operate on liquid fuel with water injection for NOx abatement. Power augmentation with steam injection is allowable while operating on natural gas. The premixed gas nozzles utilize swirl for flame stabilization. Aerodynamically shaped natural gas injectors are applied for flashback or flame-holding resistance.

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