As part of its comprehensive program to reduce air pollution, California has mandated the use of a cleaner burning reformulated gasoline introduced in March 1996. In 1995 the Air Resources Board, with oversight from an industry, public interest, and governmental advisory committee, undertook an extensive study of the performance and compatibility characteristics of California reformulated gasoline in on-road, off-road, and non-vehicle engines. The evaluation included in-use comparison of California reformulated gasoline to conventional gasoline in normal fleet operations. Fleets totaling 829 test and 637 control vehicles were studied. Additionally, off-road and non-vehicle in-use testing was conducted covering engine technologies in the following uses: utility, lawn and garden applications; pleasure craft and small marine vessels; agricultural and industrial engines; and recreational snowmobiles and personal watercraft. California reformulated gasoline was found to perform as well as conventional gasoline in terms of driveability, starting, idling, acceleration, power, and safety.

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