F3-30 is the low-bypass-ratio turbofan engine developed to power the T-4 intermediate trainer for the Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF). The actual field service was started in Sept., 1988. The program to extend time between overhaul (TBO) of the F3-30 has been running. Analytical condition inspection (ACI) and accelerated mission testing (AMT) were conducted to confirm sufficient durability to extend TBO. Most deteriorations of parts and performance due to AMT were also found by ACI after field operation with approximately the same deterioration rate. On the other hand, some deteriorations were found by ACI only. These results show that ACI after field operation is also necessary to confirm the TBO extension, although AMT simulates the deterioration in field operations very well. The deteriorations that would be caused by the field operation during one extended-TBO were estimated with the results of ACI and AMT, and it was concluded that the F3-30 has sufficient durability for TBO extension to the next step.

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