This paper describes the design and performance of a coal gasification combined-cycle power plant with an integrated facility for producing and storing methanol (GCC/methanol power plant). The methanol is produced at a steady rate and is burned in the combined cycle to generate additional power during periods of peak electrical demand. The GCC/methanol plant provides electricity generation and energy storage in one coal-based facility. It is of potential interest to electric utilities seeking to meet intermediate-load electrical demand on their systems. The plant configuration is determined by means of an innovative economic screening methodology considering capital and fuel costs over a range of cycling duties (capacity factors). Estimated levelized electricity production costs indicate that a GCC/methanol plant could be of economic interest as premium fuel prices increase relative to coal. The plant could potentially be of interest for meeting daily peak demands for periods of eight hours or less. The conceptual plant configuration employs a Texaco gasifier and a Lurgi methanol synthesis plant. Plant performance is estimated at peak and baseload output levels. No unusual design or operational problems were identified.

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