Measurements have been made on a fully annular test facility, downstream of a row of heated dilution jets injected normally into a confined crossflow at a momentum flux ratio of 4. The investigation concentrated on the consistency of mixing between the jets, as indicated by the regularity of the temperature pattern around the crossflow annulus. When the heated air was supplied from a representative feed annulus, the exit velocity profile across each plunged hole was significantly altered and caused a distortion of the temperature distribution in the ensuing jet. The degree of distortion varies in a random manner, so that each jet has its own mixing characteristics, thereby producing irregularity of the temperature pattern around the annulus. With the same approach and operating conditions some of the plunged dilution holes were modified, and tests on this modified sector indicated a significant improvement in the circumferential regularity of the temperature pattern. Further tests showed that these modifications to the dilution holes had a negligible effect on the values of the discharge coefficients.

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