A RELAP5/MOD2 computer code model for a once-through steam generator has been developed. The calculated heat transfer in the nucleate boiling flow was underpredicted as shown by a predicted superheat of only 11°C (20°F), whereas plant values range from 22–30°C (40–60°F). Existing heat transfer correlations used in thermal-hydraulic computer codes do not provide accurate predictions of the measurement-derived secondary convective heat transfer coefficients for steam generators because they were developed for flow inside tubes, not tube bundles. The RELAP5/MOD2 flow regime map was modified to account for flow across bundles. This modified flow regime map predicts better transition criteria between bubbly-to-slug and slug-to-annular flow. Consequently, improved saturated conditions for the fluid flow at the entrance to the boiler were obtained. A modified Chen-type heat transfer correlation was developed to predict the boiling heat transfer for steam generator tube bundle geometries. This correlation predicts better superheat.

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