In 1978, the Japanese government started a national project for energy conservation called the Moonlight Project. The Engineering Research Association for Advanced Gas Turbines was selected to research and develop an advanced gas turbine for this project. The development stages were planned as follows: first, the development of a reheat gas turbine for a pilot plant (AGTJ-100A), and second, a prototype plant (AGTJ-100B). The AGTJ-100A has been undergoing performance tests since 1984 at the Sodegaura Power Station of the Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (TEPCO). The inlet gas temperature of the high-pressure turbine (HPT) of the AGTJ-100A is 1573 K, while that of the AGTJ-100B is 100 K higher. Therefore, various advanced technologies have to be applied to the AGTJ-100B HPT. Ceramic coating on the HPT blades is the most desirable of these technologies. In this paper, the present level of development, and future R & D plans for ceramic coating, are taken into consideration. Steam blade cooling is applied for the IGSC.

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