Performance testing and detailed flow measurements were made in an axial compressor rotor with various tip clearances. The experiments were conducted on the condition of the same incidence angle at midspan. Thus, the effect of tip clearance distinguished from that of incidence angle was investigated on the overall performance, work-done factor, blockage factor, and increases in displacement, momentum, and blade-force-deficit thicknesses of the casing wall boundary layer, The phase-locked flow patterns obtained by the multisampling technique show clear evidence of a leakage vortex core behind the rotor. Behavior of the leakage vortex was clarified for various tip clearances by examining loci of the vortex center, decay characteristics of the vorticity at the center, and the total amount of vorticity shed from the blade tip. These results were compared with the leakage vortex model presented by Lakshminarayana.

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