The present paper is a step further and a modification of the semiempirical analysis of liquid fuel distribution downstream of a plain orifice injector proposed previously [1]. It has been improved from the previous paper in two aspects: (i) the use of experimental data of plain orifice atomization under crossflow obtained by the present authors instead of using Ingebo’s correlation [2], and (ii) consideration taken of the effect of a nonuniform crossflow. The agreement between the calculated results and the experimental data on fuel-air ratio distribution is quite good. In particular the model is capable of predicting the maximum value of the fuel-air ratio distribution and its position. The model has been used for the calculation of fuel-air ratio distribution under nonuniform crossflow with different average flow velocities. Thus the authors are able to predict how the position of maximum fuel-air ratio changes with average velocity for the same profile. The results are in good agreement with the experimental data. From the results of present research the authors conclude that for fuel-air ratio prediction in afterburners or ramjets, it is necessary to consider the effects of nonuniform crossflow. The present semiempirical analysis provides a good design tool for combustor development.

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