Based on Wu’s general equations of 3-D turbomachine flow, expressed with respect to nonorthogonal curvilinear coordinates, the conservative stream-function formulations of transonic flow along S2 streamsurface have been discussed. The problem of mixed flow can be solved by the use of the artificial compressibility method, and the passage shock on the S2 streamsurface can be captured. The distribution of the fluid velocity from hub to shroud can be obtained directly by integrating the velocity gradient equation, after the principal equation has been solved, so that the difficulty of the nonuniqueness of density-mass flux relation is avoided. The density is determined after the velocity has been obtained. Two computer programs have been coded; one can be used to compute the hybrid or design problems, the other is suitable to compute the analysis problem. The former has been used to compute the transonic flow field along a mean S2 streamsurface in the DFLVR compressor rotor at design speed. The numerical results agree well with L2F measurement data.

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