This paper describes the measurement of heat flux distributions obtained for a Garrett TFE 731-2 hp turbine. Measurements were obtained for a full turbine both with and without injection and for the nozzle guide vanes with and without a rotor. A shock tube is used as a short-duration source of heated air and miniature thin-film gages are used to obtain the heat flux measurements. Results are presented for values of the blowing parameter (ρcVcV)at SLOT, in the range of 0.8–1.3. The injection gas (air) as a percentage of turbine weight flow, Wc/Wo, was in the range of 2.1–3.5 percent. A comparison is presented between results obtained with the rotor operating at 100 percent of corrected speed and those obtained with the rotor replaced by a row of flow straighteners. The results suggest that: (i) the reduction of heat flux due to injection is a function of the blowing parameter, the temperature ratio, and the physical location relative to the tip or hub endwall and (ii) the presence of the rotor has a significant affect on the vane trailing edge Stanton number, increasing it by 15 to 25 percent. The vane leading edge and midchord regions were generally unaffected.

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