At Qaisumah, Saudi Arabia, there are four GE MS5001P Gas Turbines operated by the Saudi Consolidated Electric Company in the Eastern Province (SCECO East). The Power Plant is not connected to the main SCECO grid and experiences near-capacity peak load demands in the summer months. Its remoteness and proximity to the Trans-Arabian Pipeline (TAPLINE) dictates the burning of Light Saudi Arabian Crude Oil which is desalted by centrifugal purification without the addition of wash water. Eliminating the need for wash water is important because of the scarcity of water at this site. Power loss is controlled and shutdowns minimized during the critical summer months by removing the ash accumulation on the turbine components by on-line nutshell cleaning. This paper describes the first application of this waterless (dry centrifuge) fuel purification system and the impact of various turbine cleaning methods (particularly on-line nutshelling) on turbine performance, availability, and maintenance.

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