This paper describes a study of the suitability of various loss models for axial turbines as assessed with a streamline curvature computing scheme for the meridional flow involved. The important loss models in this study include the Balje/Binsley loss correlation and its modification, and a recently modified form of the Ainley/Mathieson/Dunham/Came loss correlation. Test cases for the application of the computing scheme include single-, three-, and four-stage turbines for which extensive design and measured data are available. The computed results have been compared with test results for design and off-design mass flow rates and design pressure ratio. The results indicate that the Balje/Binsley profile loss correlation with the modified Dunham/Came secondary loss correlation give results that compare best with measured data. A modified form of the Ainley/Mathieson/Dunham/Came loss model is nearly as accurate.

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