The term “vaporizer” continues to be used to describe the well-known Rolls-Royce fuel injector, although its most important action is probably that it fires the fuel upstream towards the combustor head. This and the annular configuration are the distinguishing combustor features which have been retained through a long series of engines which include the Royal Aircraft Establishment/Metropolitan Vickers F-series engines and the Sapphire/J65 which used the first annular vaporizer. It is represented today in the engines of Concorde, Tornado, and Harrier/AV-8. With the wealth of experience obtained from these many applications, the operating characteristics of the combustor are very firmly established and new combustors can be designed with confidence that project requirements will be met with minimum development. For the future, the system is well set to accommodate anticipated operating environments and duties and is competitive enough to have been specified for the Rolls-Royce RB211-CE3 advanced technology engine.

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