This paper summarizes the results of base pressure studies on transonic turbine blades in the presence of an ejection of coolant flow from a slot in the trailing edge. The first part of the paper reports on tests carried out on a enlarged model of the overhang section of a typical transonic cascade. This model provides valuable information about the detailed trailing edge pressure distribution and points to an asymmetric evolution of the base pressure on both sides of the slot in the presence of a bleed. The second part of the paper presents experimental results from cascade tests covering an outlet Mach number range M2, is = 0.5 to 1.35. These experiments underline the importance of the coolant flow impact on the base pressure and confirm the asymmetry of the base pressure with respect to the cooling slot. Tests with different coolant flow gases point to the significance of a proper simulation of the density ratio between coolant flow and main flow.

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