Results from an experimental study of large-scale, two-dimensional incompressible transitional boundary layer flows are presented. Tests were conducted on a heated flat wall with a zero pressure gradient and for two levels of “sink” streamwise acceleration; k = ν/U2 ∂U/∂x = 0.2 or 0.75 × 10−6. Free-stream turbulence intensity levels ranged from approximately 0.7 to 5 percent with limited data obtained outside these values. Convective heat-transfer distributions, laminar, transitional, and fully turbulent boundary layer mean velocity and temperature profile data, and free-stream turbulence intensity distributions are presented. Boundary layer integral quantities and shape factors are also given. Transition onset Reynolds number data obtained for this program agreed well with the results of other experimental and theoretical studies for both zero pressure gradient and accelerating flows. Comparisons of the profile data and wall heat-transfer distribution data indicated that fully turbulent mean velocity profiles were achieved upstream of fully turbulent wall heat-transfer rates.

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