The turbulent compressible flow along an unbounded 90 deg axial corner has been analyzed. The limiting equations for the far-field boundary, simulating a two-dimensional boundary layer with crossflow, have been obtained appropriately. This latter set of equations have been solved using a semi-implicit second-order accurate numerical marching scheme. The turbulent stresses have been modeled first using a Cebeci-Smith type two-layer algebraic model in which isotropy is assumed. The turbulence stresses were also modeled using a modified form of the Gessner-Emery anisotropic model. Results have been presented for a range of Mach numbers between 0 and 2.0 with adiabatic as well as heat transfer boundary conditions at the corner walls. Effect of suction and injection have also been included. The anisotropy in the turbulence modeling showed insignificant effect on the flow field at far-field boundary, but it is believed to be essential in the inner corner region. The analysis presented recovers all previously available results for the simplified cases of this corner configuration.

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