The coal gasifier, gas turbine, combined cycle is a superior baseload electric generating system. It promises lower fuel cost, lower operating and maintenance cost, and superior siting and environmental characteristics over conventional steam systems with flue gas clean up and fluidized bed combined cycle systems. Two major new components are required: 1) the coal gasifier, and 2) the baseload gas turbine. Several candidate gasifier systems are emerging from development for other applications. Existing gas turbines primarily reflect characteristics of peaking power units. Application of such design philosophies to the demanding performance and durability requirements of baseload operation is questionable. The baseload gas turbine must be designed with the high reliability, high availability, low maintenance characteristics associated with steam turbines. This paper summarizes United Technologies Corporation’s investigation of a new gas turbine designed specifically for baseload service with a coal gasifier fueled combined cycle. The design of this machine results from a cooperative effort by Kraftwerk Union, United Technologies Corporation, and Electric Power Research Institute.

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