The work described in this paper is part of the DOE/LeRC Advanced Conversion-Technology Project (ACT). The program is a multiple contract effort with funding provided by the Department of Energy, and technical program management provided by NASA LeRC. Combustion tests are in progress to evaluate the potential of seven advanced combustor concepts for achieving low NOx emissions for utility gas turbine engines without the use of water injection. Emphasis was on the development of the required combustor aerothermodynamic features for burning high nitrogen fuels. Testing was conducted over a wide range of operating conditions for a 12:1 pressure ratio heavy-duty gas turbine. Combustors were evaluated with distillate fuel, SRC-II coal-derived fuel, residual fuel, and blends. Test results indicate that low levels of NOx and fuel-bound nitrogen conversion can be achieved with rich-lean combustors for fuels with high fuel-bound nitrogen. In addition, ultra-low levels of NOx can be achieved with lean-lean combustors for fuels with low fuel-bound nitrogen.

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