Feasibility studies carried out by the Engineering Research Association for Advanced Gas Turbines under the sponsorship of the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology of Japan have indicated that the thermal efficiency of the combined cycle plant incorporating a high temperature reheat gas turbine and a steam turbine can exceed 50 percent. One of the engine components being investigated is the high temperature reheat combustor which will operate under high temperature (973 K) and heavily vitiated (12.4 percent O2) inlet-air conditions. This paper describes the design considerations on the reheat combustor and the results of the near-atomospheric pressure tests (0.1 ∼ 0.3 MPa) under vitiated conditions, using a conventional can-type combustor and a full scale model of the reheat combustor. Effects of air vitiation on inflammability limits, combustion efficiency, NOx and wall temperatures of gas turbine combustors are discussed.

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