Thermodynamic models of both an adiabatic and an endothermic coal gasifier integrated with either a waste heat combined cycle or a supercharged boiler combined cycle are developed. The adiabatic gasification process requires air and steam, while the endothermic gasification process requires only steam. The combined cycle is composed of an open Brayton cycle and a superheated regenerative Rankine cycle without reheat. Certain components are added to each configuration in an effort to improve thermodynamic performance. From the results, it appears that with consideration of the pollution criteria, the station efficiencies for each configuration are within 1 percentage point of each other when flue gas recirculation is used as a means to control the nitric oxide. With a gas turbine inlet temperature of 2000°F, and with consideration of the pollution criteria, the configuration employing an adiabatic gasifier and a waste heat system is marginally the best with a station efficiency of only 37 percent.

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