For several years, design studies have been underway in the U.S. on a nuclear closed-cycle gas turbine plant (HTGR-GT). This paper presents design aspects of the helium turbo-machine portion of these studies. Gas dynamic and mechanical design considerations are presented for helium turbomachines in the 400 MWe (non-intercooled) and 600 MWe (intercooled) power range. Design of the turbomachine is a key element in the overall power plant program effort, which is currently directed towards the selection of a reference HTGR-GT commercial plant configuration for the U.S. utility market. A conservative design approach has been emphasized to provide for maximum safety and durability. The studies presented for the integrated plant concept outline the necessary close working relationship between the reactor primary system and turbomachine designers. State-of-the-art technology from large industrial gas turbines developed in the U.S., considered directly applicable to the design of a helium turbomachine, particularly in the areas of design methodology, performance, materials, and fabrication methods, is emphasized.

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