Part I presented an analysis of the simple and reheat gas turbine cycles and related these cycles to the combined gas turbine Rankine cycle. Part II uses the data developed in Part I and applies the second generation LM5000 to a combined cycle using a steam cycle with 1250 psig 900 FTT (8.62MPa and 482°C) steam conditions; then the reheat gas turbine is combined with a reheat steam turbine with steam conditions of 2400 psig and 1000/1000 FTT (16.55 MPa and 538/538° C). A unique arrangement of the superheater is discussed whereby part of the steam heat load is shifted to the reheat gas turbine to obtain a minimum heat recovery boiler stack temperature and a maximum cycle efficiency. This proposed power plant is projected to have a net cycle efficiency of 50 percent LHV when burning distillate fuel.

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