This paper describes innovative methods of utilizing ceramics in conjunction with a Brown Boveri Type 11 utility gas turbine (70-MW power range) to improve overall cycle efficiency. The compressor of the Type 11 gas turbine is destaged and additional compression is provided by a compressor on a separate shaft driven by a ceramic turbine. The turbine inlet temperature of the ceramic turbine is 2600°F and results in an improvement in cycle efficiency of the Type 11 alone. This concept favors the use of ceramics in that the volume and surface area of the ceramic turbine blades can be kept relatively small (maximum blade heights are approximately 5 in.) which should result in better ceramic reliability. Special consideration is given to utilizing coal-derived gaseous fuel in the system. A candidate turbine design that favors the superior compressive strength of ceramics is presented. The ceramic blades are attached to the inside of a rotating cylinder which is attached to the high-pressure compressor shaft. The cylinder is wrapped with high-strength fibers to contain the growth due to thermal and centrifugal loading. Also, presented is a more conventional turbine design in which the ceramic blades are attached to a rotating disk. The use of ceramics in the combustor is discussed. Ceramic materials for the turbine and combustor are reviewed.

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