This paper discusses the operational experiences of the gas turbine propelled guided missile frigate Oliver Hazard Perry (FFG-7 Class) Propulsion System Land Based Test Site (PSLBTS) built at the Naval Ship Engineering Center, Philadelphia Division of Philadelphia, Pa. This test site was constructed as part of the “fly-before-buy” concept now required by the Department of Defense for major systems acquisitions. The test site functionally duplicated the entire main propulsion system of the actual shipboard installation. It provided the first integration of the principal machinery equipment: the main propulsion gas turbines, reduction gear, controllable pitch propeller, and propulsion control system. Construction of the leadship was concurrent with the testing at the PSLBTS, thus requiring timely resolution to the many operational, installation and design problems uncovered during testing. These included the complete restructuring of the d-c power supply distribution in the control system, the evaluation of re-designed engine fuel controls for Bodie stall problems, the reduction of lateral vibration in the reduction gear input shafts, engine duct installation problems, and engine vibration monitoring circuitry problems. The incorporation of these solutions and others into the lead ship design demonstrated the benefits of shore testing.

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