The requirements for a high efficiency marine gas turbine of 10 to 12 MW output has been identified, particularly for Naval craft. The adaptation and development of a marine version of the Rolls-Royce Spey aero engine has been funded by the Ministry of Defence to meet this requirement. The most suitable version of the aero engine was found to be the TF41 jointly developed by Rolls-Royce and D.D.A. for the L.T.V. Corsair. Redesign involved removal of the bypass portion of the L.P. compressor and the full length bypass duct. Changes to other engine components have also been made to meet the new requirements, together with material changes for improved corrosion resistance. A new two stage free power turbine has been designed to provide long installed life and is not removed with the engine change unit. Particular attention has been given to the mounting system to provide high shock resistance. A full service module is being designed suitable for naval craft, but alternative lightweight installations can be provided.

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