This compact 158-page, nine-chapter text presents a collection of various topics of or related to forensic dentistry. The authors and contributors are composed of several persons who have published numerous articles concerning the field in the world literature. The book is definitely intended for a person with a dental background and represents a rather thorough coverage of particular areas within the field of forensic dentistry. The subject material is handled in excellent academic fashion with complete supporting bibliographic references. In review of the text as a whole, a broad overall continuous presentation of the scope of forensic dentistry fails to come across. Perhaps this is due to the fact that multiple contributors are involved. At any rate, one receives the impression that the book is one of a collection of isolated treatises upon selected topics within or related to forensic dentistry. For this reason, the work is best suited for one who already possesses some experience in forensic dentistry. For the latter individual, the publication represents a special treat, especially in the subject matter dealing with tooth and age estimation and radiological identification. The presentation of these two chapters alone makes the book well worth its modest price. The chapter on bite marks is also concise and well organized. The book does not fulfill the statement “. . . the book is as invaluable as Gustafson's original guide to the subject” as included in the foreword and upon the front coverleaf. Nevertheless, the text does possess several areas of great merit and interest as indicated, and should be a permanent fixture in the library of any dentist with an interest in forensic dentistry.

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