Special Issue on the 2020 Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting

The ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering (JFE) and the ASME Fluids Engineering Division (FED) present a special issue of papers that were presented at the 2020 Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting. The FED conference cochairs were Dr. Judith Bamberger and Professor Zhongquan (Charlie) Zheng, who worked very hard to help convert the conference to a virtual platform whereby attendees participated online. The conference was successful due to the hard work and dedication of the conference chairs and volunteers from the ASME divisions.

The FEDSM was in collaboration with the ASME Heat Transfer Division (HTD) and the ASME International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels (ICNMM), which has been a recurring joint meeting every four years during the last two decades. Beginning in 2000, FED and HTD held a joint meeting in Boston, MA, and the next cycles included Charlotte, NC (2004) and Jacksonville, FL (2008). ICNMM joined FED and HTD and this expanded collaboration took place in the Rio Grande, PR (2012) and Washington, DC (2016).

Although the conference was as a virtual platform July 13–15, 2020, there were opportunities for the divisions to engage their members with committee meetings, social events, and opportunities to gather virtually to celebrate and recognize the achievements of our colleagues. Highlights of the conference activities included six main tracks aligned with the six FED technical committees, 350 final papers of which there were 86 technical presentations, 30 keynote presentations, and nine plenary sessions.

The FEDSM 2020 special issue comprises nine research papers including three reviews. The 2020 Freeman Scholar, University Professor Dr. Alfredo Soldati (Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Vienna, Austria) presented “Modeling and Computation of Interfaces in Multiphase Turbulent Flows” and the review paper is included. Although the regular technical presentations were prerecorded, select papers are included here. Topics include vortex dynamics and instabilities; turbulent flows, both computational modeling, and measurement techniques, along with rheological considerations; and multiphase flows. The other review papers include “The Development and Application of a Kinetic Theory for Modeling Dispersed Particle Flows” by Professor Michael W. Reeks (Newcastle University, UK), who was a Freeman Scholar awardee in 2010 and “Theory of Uncertainty Analysis with Application to Naval Hydrodynamics” by Dr. Joel Park (Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division, MD).

In closing, I would like to acknowledge those individuals whose invaluable service helped create the special edition. My sincerest gratitude is extended to JFE associate editors, Professor Philipp Epple, Professor Luigi P. M. Colombo, and Professor Ning Zhang, who shared the responsibilities. I would also like to thank the JFE editorial assistant, Ms. Colette Montague, who helped ensure timely processing. In addition, this endeavor was not possible without the support of the ASME staff, Ms. Beth Darchi, Mr. Philip DiVietro, Ms. Tamiko Fung, Ms. Erica Hodge, and Mr. Colin McAteer. Finally, thank you to our colleagues who served as reviewers, and of course the authors. On behalf of FED, we hope you enjoy reading the special issue papers.